You can design all the fancy artwork you like, you can rally and cry out in disgust!

However as the saying goes, one photo can say a thousand words, a motto clearly adopted by French death/grind four piece Blockheads and their Relapse Records released fifth studio album, This World is Dead! Active since 1993, Blockheads are one of the pioneers of the French grindcore scene and having grown up listening to bands such as Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower & Godflesh, it can be of no surprise that their music comes jam packed with sociological and ecological consciousness!

This World is Dead features twenty five tracks of full on brutality! Opening with the dark foreboding tones of Deindividualized, Blockheads embark on a ravenous journey bereft of subtlety but brimming with chaos strewn landscapes, forged in the angry glowing furnaces of hate! Each song acts as a short, sharp shock of rampant carnage bringing destruction, a grindcore juggernaut of colossal proportions.

As relentless as This World is Dead is, there is still room for the band to flex their creative muscles and so it is that Blockheads occasionally use a more death metal influenced groove to temper their sporadic barbarity with some catchy, flowing chugging riffs. A superb album is made even more remarkable though with its dying breath! Final track Trail of the Dead is the bands epic, over seven minutes of slowed down sludge/grind, a monolithic change of styles but one that showcases the bands amazing diversity as well as ending their opus in the most crushing of terms!