Avulsed - Ritual Zombi


Avulsed - Ritual Zombi

Spanish death metal band Avulsed have been pioneers of their local scene since 1991.

Released through Xtreem Music, Ritual Zombi is the bands sixth full length album and begins with an anticipation building intro of instrumental grace and atmospheric moods, a stark contrast when compared to what is to come. You don’t end up having a career as long s Avulsed have had without knowing what you are doing and Ritual Zombie showcases a band who are the epitome of old school death metal savagery! So sit back and get strapped in for fifty minutes of brutal, uncompromising death metal from the grimy depths!

From the moment Dead Flesh Awakened rises from the grave you know you are listening to something special. From the old school drumming style that keeps Avulsed moving forward with battering ram like clarity to the menacing full throttled riffs, thunderous bass and guttural, dominating growls, every aspect of the Avulsed sound and style is methodically produced and executed with all the kindness and grace of a Glasgow kiss!

Avulsed offer up a real touch of nostalgia whilst creating a relevant, forward thinking death metal album! save for the odd acoustic/melodic interlude here and there, this is a stampede of aggression and carnage!