Released through SLIPTRICK RECORDS is the debut album from Swedish thrashers STONELOAD entitled ADDICT!

Opening with the title track ADDICT, STONELOAD  quickly prove that a mere thrash band they are not! With a sound much bolder and fuller than generic old school thrash but too melodic to be called death/thrash, STONELOAD play a blend of thrash, heavy metal and modern, flowing catchy metal with many acoustic interludes and undertones. Vocally things range between clean and clean with a hint of grit too it and musically the band are an intense, thorough and catchy proposition.

Whilst well produced and with a big, bold sound, ADDICT is not the polished squeaky clean album that you might expect! The band themselves are tight and combine well but through their own design this album does come with a little bite and a little grime around the edges!

What is most impressive and endearing about STONELOAD though is their unwillingness to fit into a set mould and whilst they fly the flag of thrash, they are a band who march to the beat of their own drummer (No pun intended) and forge their own sound whilst tipping their collective caps to their many influences. One moment you can hear the SLAYER vibes coursing through the band as they lay down hammer blow like riffs whilst at other times a more METALLICA mood descends. If I had to liken them to anyone though it would be bands like FURYON or the now defunct PANIC CELL, two UK bands that never quite fitted into one pigeonhole and who had a comfortable sound that flowed between metal and hard rock! STONELOAD are a heavier beast than those two but the analogy stands. STONELOAD are masters of their own sound, and they sound damn good!