Rancor - Dark Future

DARK FUTURE is right if the beastly apparition that adorns the albums cover ever comes to pass, we’d all be screwed!

This is the second album from Spanish thrashers RANCOR and has been put out by fellow Spaniards XTREEM MUSIC. As dramatic as their artwork surely is, their music more than matches it and the bands old school brand of thrash is tinged with a truly spectacular atmospheric and suspense building melody. Similar in sound to SACRED REICH especially where the vocals are concerned, RANCOR blaze away at full speed whilst littering their music with wandering solos!

Superbly executed and well produced also, RANCOR play a powerful and engaging brand of anthem producing thrash. Sporting a fuller sound than your average thrash band, RANCOR are an ultra aggressive shock to the system, catchy but lethal like the Ebola virus and thoroughly dominant at what they do! With a bass heavy sound created through textbook musicianship there is little to criticize and my only real jibe would be that vocally things can go a little flat in places, although not often.

A forceful attack of savage Spanish thrash then from RANCOR and their impressive sophomore release DARK FUTURE!