FORGOTTEN TOMB reveal first trailer to new live DVD


Continuously spreading their unique brand of rock oriented, blackened’ doom metal propaganda, FORGOTTEN TOMB have just released the first teaser for their forthcoming live DVD. “Darkness in Stereo: Eine Symphonie Des Todes – Live in Germany” is in the final stages of editing and is on target for release in early 2014. While more excerpts along with release details will follow shortly, the first teaser is available for viewing at: 

With almost 15 years of activity, 6 full-length albums and a double live in-studio album, live shows all over Europe and a worldwide underground following, FORGOTTEN TOMB definitely deserves its cult status in the current Extreme Metal scene. With now-classic albums such as the milestones of “Songs To Leave” (2002) and “Springtime Depression” (2003), the band practically crafted and gave birth to a whole new sub-genre, now regarded as Depressive Black/Doom Metal. Then it managed to evolve it, destroy it and reshape it with the highly acclaimed “Love’s Burial Ground” (2004), the controversial “Negative Megalomania” (2007) and the ground-breaking “Under Saturn Retrograde” (2011). In 2012 “…And Don’t Deliver Us From Evil” was released to critical acclaim, followed by a 12-show European tour with Enthroned (BEL) & Impiety (SIN) to conclude the successful year. Over 2013 the band kept promoting the new album with a 20-show headlining European tour with Isole (SE) & Ereb Altor (SE), as well as single shows and another European tour with Incantation (US) and Ragnarok (NO). 2014 will see the band celebrate its 15-years anniversary and release its long-awaited live DVD.

The upcoming exclusive DVD will feature over 70 minutes of professionally edited live material.

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