From the very bowels of the abyss comes the hellish entity known as GOATPSALM!

Signed to AESTHETIC DEATH, this is the brand new full length opus of HORTH, MORKH and SADIST, the demonic trio that GOATPSALM consist of! Entitled ERSET LA TARI, things begin with a menacing, howling wind! A lurking presence hides within the shadows and a ghastly voice growls into the darkness. It might be worth settling in for the long haul at this point, for as solitary strands of guitar sound rise slowly from the abyss, things are only getting started in this three track but forty five minute long nightmare!

Opening track UTUK XUL feels like a psychological endurance test as whispering horrors seep into your mind and soul. using subtle tones and blackened moods this track practically crawls from the primordial swamps into existence, created by three individuals who are collectively in no rush whatsoever!

To compare GOATPSALM’s sound to anything I would go for a harrowing ordeal and played loud, in the dark and you might just become convinced that the demons and monsters from whichever bleak crevice this band came from are circling above your head, teasing, mocking, plaguing you!

Rather than simply pulverizing their audience with a battering of violent riffs and frenetic drumming, GOATPSALM know that to possess true power over someone you must play mind games and that is exactly what this album is, one colossal blackened mind game of pure atmospheric vitriol!

So experience the unique tones of GOATPSALM if you can stomach it, for they are the sickness!