The mighty US Blackened Sludge/Crust outfit Bottomfeeder are back and this time with Suppression in tow, a band I can find ZERO information on!

Suppression open things with the hilariously titled “Poor Mr. Fuckhead” which is a fast, hardcore influenced slug fest, aggressive and in your face whilst sporting more of an emphasis on the bass work than anything else. I couldn’t say for sure but there may be no guitar at play here! The bands song craft is good and they build anticipation easily throughout this song and “Its All Black Magick & Robotiks”, so whilst not really to my tastes this symbol heavy bass laden sludge fest is certainly attention grabbing.

Starting off side B with “Protrusion” the reverb fueled Bottomfeeder are as ever raw to the bone and just as aggressive! in a move I feel is quite intelligent the band play a style that see-saws back and forth before slowing to a crawl of menacing crushing blackness before ending with a rise upwards to a powerful crescendo! Ending with a similar sounding jaunt in “Moonlust”, Bottomfeeder bring this filthy little split release to end with maximum barbarism, as you’d expect from this savage band!