“Above the Ashes” is a compilation album of both the “Terrorist Attack” and “Demo 87” releases from the US based Thrash/Speed band Ulysses Siren!

Opening with the fast and in your face “Terrorist Attack”, Ulysses Siren display a great ability to play rapid and aggressive metal that the 80’s were known so well for, especially in the Bay Area which just so happens to be the bands home! With surging riff-age, easily picked up vocals and a decent changeable tempo, this opening track also sports very good production and wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a full length never mind a demo! Each aspect of the Ulysses Siren sound is played with confidence and power and the bands dominant style replicates well when blasted loud out of your speakers!

Another endearing feature of the band is their technical prowess and through battering double guitar assaults, wandering solos played at mind bending speeds and the frenetic work on the drums that keeps things flowing at break neck speeds, Ulysses Siren really we’re an under-appreciated thrash powerhouse back in their day! To my own personal satisfaction the band also add many aspects of historical context into their work in songs such as the afore mentioned “Terrorist Attack” and also in tracks such as “The Reich” and so not only their musical out pourings but their engaging lyrical content will hook you in.

Ulysses Siren, a thrill ride of riff worship, fast maniacal metal and flat out damn good tunes! There may be more coming in the future from these Bay Area tyrants, stay tuned!


Ulysses Siren