Released in 2012 through Transcending Obscurity, Mumbai based progressive death metallers Orion unleashed their “On the Banks of Rubicon” EP upon the world!

What we have on our hands here then is a seriously impressive four track EP, a sublime blend of chugging heaviness with rough growled vocals and a more intense, progressive and wandering melodic edge, the perfect mix of savage heaviness and meandering, out of the box thinking extreme metal. When a cleaner style of vocals are used this EP really comes alive, superbly executed and in stark contrast to the more raw vocals which adds as a great buffer and each style tempers the other one impressively.

What Orion offer is a nice dose of death metal thuggery with a more thinking mans grace and flair and “On the Banks of Rubicon” is the right amount of historical context, emotional candour and brutal musicianship. in short, the potential shown by this band is limitless!




Also signed to Transcending Obscurity is New Delhi based progressive death metal band Fragarak and through them they have revealed their debut album “Crypts of Dissimulation”.

Fragarak offer everything you want from a decent metal band. they touch on issues of social disorder, of course a touchy subject in India as of late, they speak of distress, a country with a massive population but not the funds to sustain it, of anger and anarchy against a corrupt system that fails it’s people, of the injustice being dished out on a daily basis and the defiance they feel towards those in power. Fragarak are band who say what they think and stand up for what they believe in, and they do just that in a raw, powerful way!

Musically things on “Crypts of Dissimulation” are a nice blend of intricate and technical prowess, thought provoking melodies and crushing, rough and ready extreme metal! This is far from a polished squeaky clean record, it bares its flaws for the world to see and dares you to defy them! Another impressive slice of Indian extreme metal from one of the worlds most under-appreciated but insanely talented scenes!