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“Chants of Ossian” is the debut EP from black metal band Morar released through Nebular Winter Productions.

Things open with the EP title track “Chants of Ossian” which opens slowly and rises to crescendo with some military style rat a tat tat drumming and acoustic melodies before raw chanting vocals increase the intensity and a heavier, bleaker style emerges from the mists! “O,Morar” has a far more aggressive and frantic pace with grinding abrasive riffs, rampant blast beats and well executed symbol crashes adding to the isolated cold sound! It isn’t all one way traffic though and Morar are capable of some wonderfully chilling moments of calm, a pause for reflection before another onslaught persists!

Another side of Morar rears its head during “Four Stones” as their battering style is tempered with a far more catchy sound as well as an acoustic undertone in places, yet still the negative energy and constant riff barrage is constant! “Thy Fame” sets a slower more methodical pace and features wilder and more focused vocals as well as utilizing more acoustic melody and even some cleaner chants before the record ends in dramatic and atmospheric fashion with “Of the Fallen”. Shrouded in mystery and purveyors of darkness, be sure to experience the ritual of Morar!


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