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Seance Records are to release the second album from Finnish black metal brigade Graveborne  entitled “Through the Window of the Night”.

The album opens with the raw and aggressive onslaught of “Burn the City of God”  which wastes no time at all in getting to the heart of matters. Graveborne and their anti-Christian rhetoric is clear from the off but things quickly reach anthem like levels with chants if KILL! KILL! spewed out with venom and furious energy! “Tiesi Päähän” has a grinding cold sound and really increases the levels of intensity that had already been established as quite high! So far the band have yet to come u for air as it we’re and their fast full frontal black metal assault shows no sign of slowing! Yet once more through thorough song craft and in particular some rousing work from the drummer this track once more turns into another anthem of furiously thrown out devastatingly vicious melodies and pro-active energetic vocals!

If you had expected the following track “Root of Evil” to pump the brakes or maybe loosen the albums intense nature then you’d be dead wrong as Graveborne appear to be in no mood to give their listeners an easy ride and it becomes clear that this high octane savage slab of black metal is ready for the long haul and will be relentless in it’s pursuit of blackened hate fueled anger and carnage as well as setting a rather maniacal edge to proceedings. With a more groove based sound tempered by abrasive riffs that border on the perverse, “Misericordia” continues the bands dominant journey of musical conquest whilst “Into the Abyss” slams into things with an as yet untapped sense of hostile brutality and rampant belligerence that even Graveborne didn’t seem capable of, yet here we are!

Just when you think that Graveborne has demonstrated every trick up their sleeves they deliver another fatal blow! The calculating and methodical intro to “In the End I Find My Beginning” is nauseatingly good and rises steadily to crescendo before another explosion of more apocalyptic raw energy blasts away any remaining doubts about this bands black metal talents! “Pyhää Verta” is simply put a crushing little number of vitriolic spite whilst “Todkrieg” continues the bands full throttle Blitzkrieg like aural assault. “Men Behind the Sun” sadly signals the end of the album but what an album it is, a pure black metal thoroughbred that never lets up it’s intense hateful barrage and never lets it’s musical quality waver!