Ewigeis - Abgrund cover

Originally self released in 2011, “Abgrund” is a three track demo from German black metal band Ewigeis that has been re-released by Nebular Winter Productions.

Opening with the demo title track “Abgrund” the band launch into a fury with raw searing vocals and harsh riffs whilst the rumble of the bass and drumming keeps things moving at a rapid and aggressive pace. Yet despite the vitriolic raging that the band create there is a steel clad melody within the core of their sound and it’s what really brings this record alive. “Abgrund” is a cold and deeply intense demo but it also flows magnificently with unashamed anger and bitterness, so at times don’t be surprised to find yourself nodding along appreciatively to their catchy beats!

“Ewigeis Eis” is a calculating slab of methodical black metal that can’t help but have your blood racing and your head banging yet in places it has a slower, more abrasive quality that really gets under your skin and makes you feel what the band is playing. The demo sadly has to end and does so with “I’m Nachtgeraune Melodien” which is simply a continuation of the bands already amazing sound. What a cracking demo, if you don’t have it, get it!


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