Released through Soulseller Records comes their fourth album release of Norwegian doom syndicate Tombstones enticingly entitled “Red Skies & Dead Eyes”.

Opening with the cold chill of “Black Moon”, Tombstones waste little time in getting down to the groove driven purpose of creating top quality doom! Its traditional/stoner doom in a straight forward way, big booming guitar riffs combine effortlessly with the deep pleasing rumble of the bass and the intricate and well-timed drum strokes whilst clean vocals concentrate more on telling the story than sounding heavy and raw.

“King of Daze” increases the groove and ramps up the volume as Tombstones flow gracefully into this fuzz filled stoners dream! With a more thoughtful, wandering pace the band really let their imaginations run wild and fill the air with a myriad of intoxicating drawling solos, textbook bass melodies and a slow, dreamy sound. Taking up the baton is “Obstfelder” with its bass fuelled intro and slow brooding aura before exploding into an ocean of crushing down tuned licks and monolithic melody and from there “The Other Eye” winks slowly into existence with an almost drone doom feel to it, until the deep rich grooves once more return and the fuzz laden riffs strike up once more.

“Red Skies & Dead Eyes” starts to wind down with the album’s title track before ending in style with “Demon Cave”, an aggressive and abrasive finale that puts the final seal on a real doom thriller. Tombstones are back from the land of black metal with an album that is pure groove, doom and riffs! Respect!


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