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It’s the debut offering from UK sludge doomsters Striga entitled “Pendle”, three tracks of skull crushingly heavy doom!

Opening with an intro track that promises darkness, foreboding and menace, things open up properly with “Bitterman” which as the intro promised has a thick darkened sound, complimented by the prominence of the heavy bass rumble and the overall slow, methodical and very raw sound! At times insanely groovy, at others perversely calculating and sinister, this may be the opening gambit, the rough debut demo of a new band but damnit it holds potential.

Finishing with the ten minute long “The Deadlight Sea” the band open slowly and rises cautiously to the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. From there a purposefully dark, drawling eeriness is played out in full by a band who like to cast a deeply oppressive atmosphere!

It’s taken a while for Striga to get the right line up together and finally arrive but now here they are and they mean business!


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