Wan are a blistering black metal offering from Sweden, who smashed their way onto the scene back in 2009 with the intention to celebrate Satan, the mighty northern darkness and everlasting old school metal. Enjoy The Filth is their second album and is released via Swedish label Carnal Records.

The first track Days of Reckoning is distorted and raw and immediately brings to mind Venom. It’s not particularly bleak or oppressive, but it’s massively enjoyable, even if it does only last for a couple of minutes.

Pentagram Rockers has a distinct energy and is massively catchy. It has quite a reliable structure, though the vocals are really something else. They’re powerful and harsh as fuck. The tempo does change gear as the track comes to a close and feels quite minimal, with a sudden ending.

Swing The Hammers has a really menacing sound, and there’s an intensity about it which wasn’t present in the previous tracks. The tone does shift quickly, making it varied and interesting. The vocals are consistently excellent. There’s a old school feel to this which I really like. Their talent and ability to diversify is really noteworthy.

Ni skall dö feels haunted and chaotic. It lasts just under a minute but it’s really interesting stuff that adds something to the album. Helvite is fast and filthy as fuck, with harrowing vocals.  Pagan Metal Domination is like a punch in the face.

The Charger begins quite slowly. It feels quite ceremonial, and it’s as if I’m walking over hilly fields, lugging a coffin, sinking into the damp, soft ground with each step. But it doesn’t last long. The track picks up and turns into something with a much faster heart beat.

Northern Brothers is down tuned, heavy and morose. But it does shift into something faster. The intensity of the track is well maintained though, and it’ doing a good job of satisfying me. There is still something of a downcast feeling to it, as in it feels quite stormy. The vocals are ripping and insanely powerful.

The title track Enjoy The Filth chills the blood. It really sounds and feels as though it’s a song of worship to the metal gods of old. Djevelsang is a short song, but pummels your eardrums.

The vocals in Trollmor are interesting. They feel more ‘in your face’ than those which dig deep into your consciousness. This track has a really brutal feel to it.

Belial is a dirty, harsh aural assault. It has depth and feels quite intense and heated. The mix of English and Swedish lyrics works well to add texture.

Burn starts off sounding quite muddy, with some killer riffs, that stutter like a chainsaw clogged with body parts. The vocals are furious and evil. There’s an urgency to this track which I really like, even when the tempo slows, it maintains it.

I really enjoyed this album. The diversity was incredible and the utilisation of time was spot on.


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