It was your typical horror movie weather on the journey down to barrow, the rain as heavy and never wanting to stop and as we go closer the journey got slower as more roadwork’s and delays appeared. Unfortunately this caused us to miss the beginning of the set of Køma with guest vocals from Paul Gibson of Ulfarr and Helvellyn. The sound was good and the audience packed out the entire bar for the opening act there was some slight issues with the microphone feedback but didn’t disperse the audience at all.

Second band of the night was Repulsive vision with new vocalist Stacy silver, they played a good set well finished up with their own version of Halloween classic ‘The Monster Mash’.

The third band of the evening and the highlight of mine were Sheol of Leeds, I had the pleasure of seeing them during their debut gig a few months earlier and I could easily see these guy had expanded their sound and showing great potential for things to come.


By the night was in full swing with ales quickly running out and then the lovely home-made madras provided by the Wheatsheaf was finally ready for serving, unfortunately I missed the majority of the set of RedRum but I could hear them loud and clear from the other side of the bar as I indulged in madras and the lovely Halloween cakes and blood bites which were up for grabs for a donation kindly made by Lisa.

The final act of the night was Nu Pogodi who after a few issues with guitar volume were well underway with a very hyperactive drummer in a dress.  The party seemed to carry on well into the night with some excellent costumes and prizes including a raffle which did well and special additions of ale including Iron Maidens trooper ale (which was sold out very quickly). For a small town this gig had an excellent response and turnout, the bands were a good variety to match different peoples taste and was pulled off well from host Matt Davidson. Let’s hope it will be as fun next year!