383453Austrian black/thrash band Irdorath began their aural assault back in 2005 and I Am Risen released via Noisehead Records is their third, full-length release. The artwork, by Jan Yrlund is sure to raise a few eyebrows. As you’ll see, it’s Christ, but, something’s different. He’s the one hauling a hammer and some fuck off nails, as well as a psycho grin that would give Charles Manson a run for his money. I Am Risen conveys the story of the birth, life and resurrection of Christ, though it tells a rather different, cynical, sarcastic version.

The into is fuelled with the power of war and is all domineering.

God Raped kicks off with a black infused, brutal intro, though it isn’t long before the thrash influence comes through. The vocals are strong and confident, and there’s a real energy about this track as it pummels it’s way along, the tempo constantly chopping and changing. The variety is impressive and the production – absolutely excellent. This is a band in control. The guitar solos wraps around you head like fiber wire.

Liar is catchy and melodious, with demonic vocals. It feels quite heavily influenced by Behemoth.

Minions of Lust has a devastatingly dark intro, and vocals that seem to come up from below and engulf you. It feels as though both thrash and death have a part to play in this multi-layered track.

Sale of Indulgence is driven and right in your face. It’s a focused, ferocious track which, at times, reminds me of Marduk.

Hammer and Nails kicks off with some epic guitar work. These guys really know how to harness their instruments. There’s a definite thrash feel to this track. It’s ruthless and bold.

Undead Christ swings straight into battle with a furious, distorted drive. The vocals in this track are brutal and unforgiving.

No Human No War sounds a bit more chaotic than the tracks that came before. There are some complex guitar solos which lift the track into new realms. At the back end of the track, it becomes a hell of a lot quieter, then picks up again, with quite a clean, sharp sound that soon becomes distorted once more to lead the track out.

Journey To Insanity has a really dark atmosphere from the get go. There’s a real intensity with this track. It’s all encompassing and almost suffocating. It’s as if there are two voices going at once, and it fucks mightily with your head. There are some sort of half-hearted screams which I feel could have been utilised more.

Mother of all Lies starts off really quite delicately, but it isn’t long before the militant guitars emerge and ram up the energy. I find myself getting in with the chugging rhythm. There’s a slowed down, black infused moment, with the best screams I’ve heard so far, that really up the atmosphere.

Windgest (Bonus) Is a fuel filled, energetic track. It’s fast and fucking furious with a hefty portion of death influenced vocals – another example of this band’s diversity.

I Am Risen is a strong release, though I feel there are moments where power was lacking. I’m looking forward to their next dark endeavour. [7.5]