355428USBM band Diabolus has been around since 2010 and is made up of Angel of Light (vocals) and King Antichrist (guitars, bass, drums, vocals). Diabolus is their first full-length release, and is raw, filthy and heavily influenced by the sound of the second wave.

The first track Descent into Darkness is metal that hasn’t been processed to death. It’s distorted to hell, with excellent, raspy vocals that grate your consciousness into thin slithers. This is heavy, dark and old school. The raw production really works to add texture to the track. The tempo is pretty slow, and there’s something of a morose, sorrowful  atmosphere. It’s quite melodic, and I feel as if I’m slowly, wilfully, slipping in deeper. The pace enables me to feel connected, and it makes a change being able to fully understand the vocals. It’s a really excellent, strong start to the album.

The second track Souls of Satan kicks off with a dominant drum beat. There’s a real old school flavour about it again. This is a track with a lot of power behind it. The vocals at times remind me of Werwolf and I’ve noticed a distinct European flavour to the release.

Black Mass is unusually catchy, with some great rhythms. Burn the Church Intro is a brief , but satisfying bite of the past.

Burn the Church is rammed with ferocious energy and memorable lyrics such as the following.

deep hatred, with a passion
you can pray, but they won’t be answered
nothin’ left where your church was standin’
can’t stand it, burn it to ashes
bad intentions and some petrol
burning faster, when the wind blows
watch it go up like the chapel in oslo
see the devil in the smoke from god’s home


The guitars and strong, demonic vocals drive Baptized in Hell forwards with rampant fury.

Hell kicks off sounding chaotic as fuck, though it’s not as heavy as the previous tracks and doesn’t have that same level of oppressiveness. Though there is still a strong element of melancholy about it, and its fuelled with ferocity. The tempo chops and changes repeatedly, pushing you down below the earth and pulling you back up through it again.

New Kingdom kicks off with fucking awesomely grim vocals that gnaw massive chunks out of your senses. Every now and then a groovy rhythm tries to kick its way out through. There’s a lot of mad, crazy, dark energy to this track and it’s really fucking memorable.

Sacrifice is brutal and ruthless. The lyrics lack a bit, and are weak at times, but the music makes up for it.

No Trace of Sunlight has a slow, doomy, tempo to kick off with. It feels relatively mellow, though still maintains a level of intensity.

Judgement Day starts off distorted and heavy as fuck, with the drums adding masses of tension.

Extinction is a slow, morose, very minimal outro, though hugely satisfying.

Diabolus have crafted a really solid release and I’m looking forward to hearing what they do next. [8] https://www.facebook.com/DIABOLUSBLACKMETAL