Greetings Sina and thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on such an impressive album, can you describe to me the thought processes you went through and the influences you had when creating “Kamarikan”?

Hails..! First of all I just want to say thank you for your attention to my band and positive words about my music also this chance that you give me to talk about my band, music and thoughts. The whole environment of “kamarikan” is related to our myths, history and legends as the lyrics of my album is about that. During past years I really tried to know more about old Persian history, I read lots of books and research about the myths and their specifications. You know we have lots of good and evil creation in old Persian history that have battle with each other, battle between darkness and light from eternal to forever…So, I wanted to create my music according to this environment, dark and shady but powerful and aggressive black metal. So after my previous album I start to working on “Kamarikan” and it took time more than 1 year…

We’ve all heard that western music and especially metal is pretty much illegal in Islamic countries and Iran can be pretty extreme, can you tell me just what it was like being in that environment and what precautions you had to take so that you could create?

Well, it is true that we have some limitation here for western music ( however if you want to listen to metal musics or play your music in your place for yourself here is no problem, but if you want to do live concert you need to get permit from cultural ministry and so they don’t give you permit for this kind of music) but I think the main problem in countries like Iran is traditional people with traditional thoughts. you know Iran has great history and culture for more than seven thousand years ago, so, it is normal that people don’t want to accept something new that comes from western countries…Indeed I think always it is hard to match something new to the old thing that people believed on it…

You have now relocated to Norway. Can you tell me the reasons for the move and why Norway in particular?

I was fan of metal music and specially Black  Metal from more than 15 years ago and everyone know about Norway and Black Metal..! So it can be one of main reason however I really like Norway because of its beautiful wintery nature and weather , nice people and peaceful environment of the country. I read a lot about many countries all around the world and sure each country has own beauty but my goal is Norway..!  and hopefully in near future it will possible for me to live there…(you know, I am living in Iran now)

Am I right in thinking that for the first time From the Vastlands is to be a full band? If so can you tell me how that came about?

Yes, it is right. Indeed it was my chance to have great musicians like Vyl, Tjalve and Destructhor as band members beside myself. Christian Falch, Norwegian documentary film producer helped me a lot ( and sure all his nice friends there, Indie Recordings and… ) to make this happen( he is working on a documentary about black metal which is named “BlackHearts” and I am one of his film character ), it was in my dream to play my music on stage so after “Kamarikan” album he contacted and sent my music to that musicians and we talked about playing at Inferno. everything happened fast, I went to Norway, we had some rehearsal together and then playing on stage…everything was great..!

Please describe the feelings that your change of location and climate has had on you as a person. Will these feelings be transferred into your future creations and if so in what way?

As I really like the cold weather (atmosphere) naturally and inborn, so, I really enjoyed when I was in Norway during Inferno. everything there gave me motivation and inspiration for my future works…Location, Climate, People, Inferno and ….

Do you plan to start any other musical projects or are you happy solely with FTV?

Actually I like to continue my way with “From The Vastland”. This is my very personal project and it is all related to my passion, inner feelings and thoughts…I don’t know what will happen in the future but for sure my main focus is on “from The Vastland”  and I want to improve my music with it.

Are we likely to see FTV hitting the stages here in the UK?

Sure, I like to do this…if its possible in the future I want to do live concert in other countries, I know it take time to achieve my goals, it is normal but it is in my plan. I really enjoyed when I played my music on stage, it is unique feeling when you see the good feedback of the audience…even it is hard to find a proper word to explain how was good…

The name From the Vastlands is pretty intriguing in itself; can you tell me where you came up with it and what it means to you? Were there other names floating around?

Since this name has many meaning for me I choose it. you know, Iran (Persia) was one of the biggest empire of all the old world and I came from this land, this name remind me the ancient majesty of the history, on the other hand it is like a metaphor and this refers to the vast land of music ( Black Metal) that we are all in it, like a unknown land without any border…Also it has another meaning for me that is personal..!!!

Whilst you come from a country that is hostile to your kind of music, do you have any funny or more light hearted stories to tell or was there not really the opportunity for that before your move to Norway?

Still I didn’t go to Norway to live as I said, it is in our plan to find a proper way for me to come and stay there for living…hopefully it will possible in near future…Anyway…it is a little complicated to talk about the things that happened around Metal scene during past years here…

Finally, can you tell me what the future hold for From the Vastlands?

Well, always it is in my plan to be better and better day by day. you know, Music and Black Metal is my passion and I want to continue my way in that, I have plan for the future, I want to go further, make albums with high quality, improve my music, do live concert, work with great musicians and sure I want to be somewhere in top…