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From Finnish label Dynamic Arts Records comes one of their longest standing acts, fellow Finns and death metal tyrants Torture Killer. Now on to their fourth full length album release the band are still going strong and whilst this album entitled “Phobia” follows up last years “I Chose Death” EP, the band have not released an album in four years, that being 2009’s “Sewers”. Opening track “Devil’s Reject” has an ominous intro and a slower, more darkened feel before the band release the damn and the quickened battering riffs being to pulverise all around them. Title track “Phobia” continues the pace but with a far catchier sound whilst “Await His Third Arrival” adds little to the repertoire and is content to continue the fast paced savagery! Finally the momentum is broken with a surging riff fest that is “Written in Blood” which features a slowed down oppressive sound similar to earlier Six Feet Under. This is the side of Torture Killer that really gets me going!


However the pace returns to it’s usual speed during “Faces of My Victims” although the impressive deep growls and high octane riff-age is nothing to complain about. “March of Death” is slower with deeper menacing riffs whilst “The Book of Dying World” once more increases the bands use of sinister vocals and oppressive moods. Penultimate track “Epitaph” is a slow, dark instrumental interlude that leads nicely into the albums finale “Voices” which finishes things off in a suitable sinister fashion. “Phobia” is a well executed album, played well and although lacking a little in variety is none the less a good one to check out!