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I’m already salivating at the prospect of reviewing an album with a name like “Doominicanes” and further more a Polish epic doom metal band? This could well be good! Signed to Doomentia Records this is Evangelist’s second full length album and follows up their debut release “In Partibus Infidelium”. Kicking things off with overly religious overtones during “Blood Curse”, the band then kick into slow, huge riffs and a grand atmospheric sounding style. Clean slightly accented vocals pack power without going overboard and the bands sound is always impactful! As you’d expect from any epic doom band there are many winding and intricate guitar solos and they are executed well but as the opening track draws to a close I feel that Evangelist whilst more than competent lack the great booming sound that other bands of this ilk manage, indeed everything feels a little subdued.


“Pain and Rapture” feels like an extension of the previous song as the feel, pace and mood is all the same whilst “Deadspeak” continues to draw out the album which is rapidly becoming a one trick pony. “To Praise, to Bless, to Preach”  and “Militis Fidelis Deus” offer little in change and so what you have here is a one speed and one style album that whilst technically proficient is beige and dull and in places lifeless.