LYCHGATE – Lychgate

9/10 – Keith Ham

English Black Metal [Mordgrimm]

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From the intro track, The Inception, of Lychgate’s self-titled debut I found myself fully captivated by the guitar work. There isn’t anything technical; however, there is something wildly creative about it all. Rather than focusing on speed, Lychgate opts for a more progressive style which I personally find highly memorable compared to even some of the more popular musical tyrants, blackened or not. Supplementing the unique black/prog style is also the welcoming inclusion of Organ sound work – not strictly used to accentuate the mood but also as an occasionally treated as an instrument all on its own.

Lychgate also has a surprisingly excellent knack for keeping the mood and style of their work intact throughout the album, not including songs which would damage its progression in anyway. Instead, everything feels like its naturally building up to something fantastic. This doesn’t mean that any song is weaker than the one before it; all tracks support those before and after very well.

Lychgate and its self-titled album are things to behold. One can simply sit and listen to it entirely; forgetting time is even passing until the very last second of the album. However, when that final track ends you’ll be wondering where it all went – wishing for more.