9/10 – Susanne Sinmara

Polish Black Metal [Hells Headbangers Records]

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Despite their French sounding name, CULTES DES GHOULES hail from Poland. Formed in 2004, Henbane is their second full length album. Their name comes from HP Lovecraft, CULTES DES GHOULES is an arcane book of black magic in the Cthuluh Mythos. Their lyrics revolve around black magic, demons, witchcraft and rituals and the music reflects this: dirty, nasty black metal. The snarly, demonic voices together with some gritty riffs and slightly muddy production and the occasional film sample make this a rather special album. There is a tiny hint of irony to be heard, mad, crazy irony. A dose of 70ies psychedelic rock and drums that don’t sound like black metal at all, yet it sounds so very old-school black metal. The songs are between 10 and 15 minutes long but they never get boring – CULTES DES GHOULES manage to evoke the atmosphere of old horror movies. Vintage Black Magic is mostly made up of a simple, slow, hypnotic riff and cackling mad laughter – it’s almost as if Aleister Crowley is going to appear out of nowhere. This song just gets better and better every time you listen to it – almost as if you’re under a spell.  One of the albums of the year.