Whilst sleepily browsing through the Metal Archives promotional forum on this lazy Sunday morning I stumbled across this demo from Phoenix, Arizona based old school Death Metal duo APOCRYPHAL! Consisting of Damen Polingyowma on both guitar and bass duties and Evan Spayd taking up the vocals and drumming side of the band, Apocryphal’s debut release the ‘Embrace of Death’ demo packs three songs into just under twelve minutes and offers nothing but savage, dark and dangerous old school Death Metal.


Opening with ‘Oxidised Flesh’ Apocryphal keep things short and sour with a two minute barrage of pummelling riffs and a story of a retro-virus killing off the populace by eating away at your flesh until all that remains is bone! At just over six minutes ‘Bane of Essence’ is somewhat of an epic for this band and combines the slower end of Death Metal to sinister effect before unleashing wave after wave of in your face aggression and violence whilst once more eschewing the end of the world in hideous and globally horrific ways. Lyrically the overall theme is millions crying for help that never comes as some bloody, unforgiving force slowly takes over the planet until we all rot in agony, and all to a soundtrack of maniacal old school Death Metal with that superb late 80’s early 90’s demo sound!


Ending things in the three minute track ‘Dissolution In The Midst Of Solitude’ the earth finally succumbs to the horror and the death and nobody has survived, there is only extinction, blood and the disease that ended it all! [7/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]

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