Greek Black Metal is something of an underground delicacy. Whilst Norway and Sweden are seen as the grim beacon of the Black Metal world and the US scene gathers attention sometimes merely for being the US, the Greeks tend to do things with a great deal more subtlety but carry with them a great deal of talent and potential. With lyrical themes mired in the old school Black Metal realms of Satanism and the Occult, Athens based ACRIMONIOUS have been on the scene for the last decade and for the first half of their tenure plied their trade through demo releases and EP’s. Then in 2009 a signal of intent was sounded in the form of their debut album ‘Purulence’. Three years on and Acrimonious have returned again, more experienced and with a second album under their belts called ‘Sunyata’. It is a glorious album, a real sign of progress from a band whose second decade has the potential to increase the popularity of the both band and Greek scene. I had the pleasure of reviewing said album and now on the back of its release I was able to speak with the band about what it means to them, and a whole lot more.


Interviewer: Luke Hayhurst. Questions answered by Semjaza 218!


Greetings, I’d like to start by asking how you feel as a band after your first decade. What accomplishments are you most proud of? Did you have a plan from the start and if so have all goals been met?

Greetings, I am a relative new member of Acrimonious but I believe each one of us feel that Sunyata is the most complete work spiritually, artistically, lyrically, musically etc.

The goal with bands like us is to reflect our shadow selves as close as possible and glorify the Lord Lvcifer, we are not a typical band who wants to play around with instruments, we are the instruments, the instruments of Iblis’ tongues.

You started out like many bands with a demo (Unholy Cult Demonic) and a couple of EP’s. (Perdition Gospel/Broken Bonds of Balance) What was the reaction both locally in Greece and further afield to your earlier work?

Back in a day we were a band wanted to praise the true values of black metal. Nowadays, we are but a tunnel of divine prana that needs to be unleashed in Malkuth, wait to devour each and every -one including our very own egos. As for the reactions we don’t really care. It is natural to avoid staying in touch with human reactions.

From your early work you moved onto a debut full length album. (Purulence) Was the creative, writing and recording process much harder than for your shorter releases and if so in what ways?

Even though I was not a member of Acrimonious back in the day, I am sure that the creative process was about a maniacal possession with the evil in man.

Glory to Thee!

How was the reaction from your fans to your first venture into the full length arena? Were you as a band happy with your debut album?

We really like the first album however, nowadays we were going to have some other decisions about various things concerning it.

Moving on to ‘Sunyata’, having an album already under your belts, was the pressure of writing a new album lessened by gained experience or increased by greater expectation to excel over previous work?

There is no pressure, we are just working in league with Satan and He is our endless inspiration so the probabilities are pan-dimensional.

I was very impressed with your latest offering, has the reaction so far mirrored my own and how do you feel as a collective towards your own creation?

Thanks for the words; we strive for freedom, so if Khem Sedjet is blessing you, Acrimonious will bless you also.

Changing tack a little, the Greek BM scene has a lot more underground potential and talent than a lot of other scenes. Do you take notice in the scene around you and participate in its growth and strength or do you prefer a more insular approach of doing what is right for Acrimonious?

I will speak for myself, I can use different words because I usually do not really like how the word ‘’scene’’is used by the mundanes. By using the word scene they usually mean that there are a couple of retards who are mimicking each other by following a given musical or ideological trend. Those who speak the unspeakable names will feel the wrath of Sathanas, so it is their problem. On the other hand, I can definitely say that I respect some bands in the true underground in general and not only in Greece. I hail them mainly by buying the releases that I like.

Your music and message is heavily shrouded in the Occult and Satanism, as a band what particular meaning do these themes hold for you? Neither are everyday interests, how were they discovered by you and when did they become such an important feature of your lives and as a result your music?

Satanism means everything for us; it was not discovered since we are the children of Qayin so our black flame was lit through the aeons.

How does the live Acrimonious experience reflect the bands message and themes? Are there any plans to play the UK?

By expressing our acausal beingness. We hope to play in UK since we respect a lot of occultists and bands from the UK.

Hail Falcifer!

Hail Vindex!

Finally, what does the future hold for Acimonious?

A split release with my other band, Thy Darkened Shade, and hopefully tours.

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to me.

Thanks a lot for the interest.