Soliloquium are a Swedish Progressive Doom/Death metal band. Their 2012 demo, “When Silence Grows Venomous”, is a very complex and melodic listening experience. Now, this group is a side-project of Stefan Nordström and Jonas Bergkvist of Desolator/Ending Quest fame. Soliloquium are a different story altogether! I enjoyed every last second of the fifteen minute “When Silence Grows”! Sure there are only two tracks, but both are epic of length and musically proficient!


This probably won’t be a very long review, because this is only a demo, but please allow me to stress how good this demo is! These guys remind me vaguely of Opeth and Be’lakor, without being an exact clone of either. Also, those two bands are more Progressive than Soliloquium. Still, for a band’s first demo, “When Silence Grows” is just superb! There isn’t one thing that I’ve been able to single out to dislike! I’ve listened to this offering over ten times! Of course, it wasn’t really that hard, because the demo is only fifteen minutes long… Seriously guys, this thing is chock full of haunting melodies, crushingly heavy passages, and quiet introspective moments. The Death metal lows compliment the music really well! And they’ve even incorporated some clean vocals into one of the songs (“Garden of Truculence”)! What more needs to be said? This is a really phenomenal demo!


I would NEVER have associated this project with Desolator! The styles are completely different! After jamming “When Silence Grows Venomous” many times through, I’m happy to rate it a solid 10/10! These dudes did a fucking amazing job on this material! I can’t wait for a full-length album and a tour! If you’re a fan of Progressive Death metal, such as Opeth, you should really check this demo out! I know that I, myself, am going to be looking for it!


Until next time!

– StormDweller     [10/10]