There is something classy and children’s story like about the artwork for Swedish Stoner Doom four piece ONE INCH GIANT’s second studio album ‘The Great White Beyond’, released through Soulseller Records and the the follow up to 2011’s ‘Malva’.

In truth the bands music quickly catches up to the artwork with it’s intriguing enjoyable sound and and tidy steady approach. Clear evocative vocals sound out pleasing tones and the bands unoffensive but incredibly groovy riff-age quickly settles into it’s rhythm and begins to please instantaneously.


What I like about One Inch Giant (Other than their funny name) is that whilst they are not the heaviest band on this particular scene (Although ‘Only Scorn Remains’ almost blast beat like drumming may put a stop to this sentence) they still play with a true sense of purpose and are able to create some amazing wandering melodies tempered with more hard hitting yet always catchy riff-age. At all times what really stands out about One Inch Giant and their music is that everything always seems to be progressing and changing as the album continues and that’s an element I really like, and so if you are like me in that you love a bit of Stoner Doom but with a little more melody and progression for your buck, give One Inch Giant a go! [8.5/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]