All right, let me start this review off by stating that I went into this album fully prepared to hate the living shit out of it. Don’t get me wrong; I love Grindcore, but there are a lot of bands that are decidedly “sub-par” playing this style. Thankfully, Buckshot Facelift aren’t among this number. “Elder’s Rasp” really took me by surprise the first time I listened to it. I mean, with track names such as “Pimple Cheese” and “Lambs Pee Blood”, you can probably understand my initial trepidation. Quite honestly, I was completely expecting these guys to be trashy B-grade noise with the Grindcore label stamped on top. I cannot STAND bands like that. But, like I’ve already said, Buckshot aren’t one of those groups at all! They’ve actually incorporated some complex melodies into their music, which isn’t common in Grindcore. Also, every track isn’t at 150 miles per hour, which gives more character to this release. Down at their roots though, these dudes still fucking Grind enough to take your face off! This isn’t going to be a long review, ladies and gents! Gems for this bad boy are “Elder’s Rasp” and “Across Dead Oceans”.



A brief and eerie sound clip gives way to a darkly melodic introduction. Just from this brief passage, you can hear how different Buckshot are from the rest of the pack. “Elder’s” doesn’t just take off and scream through the air at a mile a second, either. Rather, this is a mid-paced and brutal jam, that deviates from the stereotypical “less than a minute” song length that Grindcore bands have become known for (although there are some of those on this release as well!). The high and low vocals also blend very nicely, adding to the overall intensity. This is a great way to open a badass album!



This gem also sports a melodic intro, which leads into some heavy, yet minimalistic drumming. The pace remains slow and heavy throughout the first half of the track, before launching into a faster and more complex beat. I’ve never said this about a Grindcore song before, but “Dead Oceans” has a somewhat epic feel to it! The melodic guitars add to this, while occasionally squealing to add a little dissonance. After dropping back into the slow, crushing groove that permeated its beginning, the song comes to a sudden and complete stop. I found this song to be a really pleasant surprise. Give it a listen, and you’ll see why!


After giving this Grindcore masterpiece (for that is, indeed, what I consider this album to be) quite a few listens, I’m going to rate it 10/10. Buckshot Facelift did a really fucking phenomenal job on “Elder’s Rasp”, and I hope to hear more from them (as well as see them performing live) in the future! Seriously, there were absolutely NO flaws in this album that I was able to detect! I’m extremely grateful that I got the chance to review it! Fans of Grindcore should definitely invest in this release, if they’re able to find it! They will not be disappointed!


Until next time!

– StormDweller     [10/10]