Norwegian Doom merchants DEVIL have returned with their sophomore album release through Soulseller Records and going by the name of ‘Gather The Sinners’. Since becoming active in 2009 the band have been busy peddling their wares and spreading their views through classic tales of good and evil, folk lore and of course their love of women! Devil’s sound is everything you’d expect from a Scandinavian Doom band in that it has a raw edge to it’s sound and excellent use of song craft and structure to draw you into the melody easily. In the case of Devil their slow drawling style is instantly endearing and their lyrics not only easy to pick up but seriously enjoyable to cruise along with.
Yet songs such as ‘They Pale’ sees an increase in pace and helps the album to change gear and groove along nicely. Playing with a truly old school sound Devil renounce modern sounds and take influence from Doom legends Electric Wizard and Reverend Bizarre all the way down to Psychedelic Rockers Hawkwind, listen again to ‘They Pale’ if you don’t believe me. Of course there are the cliched lyrical themes such as chasing ghosts through graveyards such as in ‘Restless Wanderer’ but then you can’t play old school Doom without some stereotypical thinking and the album is better for their inclusion; incidentally the same can be said for the classic ‘Ladies of the Night’.

In short then this sounds like an unpolished slice of old school Doom Metal goodness that slips down nicely with a cold beer and leaves you wanting just a little bit more of the Devil!” [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]