In 2010 a new and destructive force was born somewhere in the metropolis of London. UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION unleashed their vicious brand of Brutal Death Metal upon the world in the form of their self titled demo and featured a variable whose who of the UK extreme Metal scene.Firstly on vocals there is Daniel who also fronts UK Death/Doom titans Eye of Solitude and as some of you regular readers will be aware a man who has frequented this very site as a writer. On guitarist duty we have Fleshrot axeman Daniel Herrera and The Body Farm/Cadaver Mutilator guitarist Rosario Piazza whilst Bloodshot Dawn’s Doug Anderson sits behind the kit and last but not least on bass Federico Benini from insane Metallers Cerebral Bore. Now that is a plethora of talent right there!


On to more recent events then and the bands debut full length opus ‘Misshapen Congenital Entropy’ arrived last year sporting suitable vulgar yet stunning artwork and following an introduction that breeds caution Unfathomable Ruination then explode into a blistering tirade of Brutal Death Metal that combines a blend of furious guttural vocals from Daniel with energetic rampant drumming as well as a cruel sounding dual assault of guitar based savagery and all bolstered by tremendous powerful bass work. Not once during the album does this mind altering onslaught cease it’s pummeling barrage of hostility although when the band choose to drop things down and slow the juggernaut they do so with a far more sadistic and oppressive sound. Despite all of the brutality on offer there is still time for some guitar based technical wankery in the form of well crafted solos but as well as this the sheer volume and thunderous nature of the drumming is enough to make your head want to implode, whilst Daniels vocals sound like he’s trying to summon up demons from the underworld.


A seriously extreme album then and for those who can handle it’s volatile speeds and audacious heaviness will want to get hold of a copy of ‘Misshapen Congenital Entropy’. [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]