These days Ukrainian band DEVIATOR play their trade in more Black/Death Metal circles but back in the day, that day being 2007, they played more of an ambient Black Metal. ‘Way Of Warriors – Hymns Of Immortals’ is a compilation of the bands earlier demo release and is by far one of the stranger things I’ve had to listen too, here is why…The intro is pretty effective and uses simple piano tones that wind their way forward peacefully  before moving into the business end of Deviator’s sound which in this case combines simplistic riff-age and drums which move slowly but feels extremely laboured and very poorly put together and despite the nice touch of a cold winding electronic undertone melody the cold Metal tones are done by numbers and badly at that. Why this is a strange release to review is that when ‘The Last Days Of Mankind’ kicks into its much quicker Black Metal style with blast beats forging ahead as well as grim vocals and cold savage Black Metal riffs they actually appear more than competent and the amateur style during ‘Forgotten Hope’ is gone. As the fast tracks progress the compilation becomes quite samey and bland but again when a slower track kicks in the sheer god-awfulness of that plagued the previous song returns. Deviator strikes me as a name for an old school Thrash Metal band so I can only guess that they are called this to reflect how they deviate from talent to drooling simpletons from one song to the next! [4/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]