A combination of Raw Sludge and Black Metal, how inciting is that prospect? That is just what is on offer though from Belgian four piece ALKERDEEL and their 2012 sophomore full length studio album ‘Morinde’ through the excellent Consouling Sounds.‘Morinde’ is formed by four tracks starting with ‘Winterteens’ which unleashes a ravaging wave of savagely raw Sludge with a massive Black Metal feel too it. Harsh Black Metal vocals ring out as the music takes a hold with a cold hollow tinge that wraps itself and entwines itself in and around the bands deep monolithic slabs of aggressive Sludge as well as including a massive element of groove not usual in Black Metal but so effective in Sludge. Just when you think this is everything Alkerdeel hit home with pained bleak vocals and terrific blastbeats to give the album a truly monstrous sound.


‘Horsesaw’ adds more a fast paced Crust/Punk vibe to proceedings as well as keeping up the bands sharp Black Metal edge whilst ‘Hessepikn’ has an even darker and misanthropic feel too it as well as a far heavier, bulkier and oppressive sound. This one grinds along superbly and for me is the stand out track of this release and even has some fast shredding and maniacal slabs of pure darkness. Ending with the slow dark and torturous ‘Du Levande’ Alkerdeel finish things off with a far more lurking sinister sound with a gloomy undertone and keeps the variety levels of this release at a very high level. ‘Morinde’ then is not for the faint of heart but all those who have a darkness deep within them will get along just fine with this beast! [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]