Now on to their second full length studio album French Funeral Doom quintet FUNERALIUM have finally returned after nearly six years since their debut and self titled album. Their new opus consisting of six songs played over two discs is a crushing bleak monolith of an album and goes by the name of ‘Deceived Idealism’. If the opening track ‘Blood, Phlegm and Vomit’ doesn’t hook you in with it’s awkward mood and off kilter sound then the out right crushing nature of ’21st Century Ineptia’ most certainly will. One thing you don’t often find when it comes to true Funeral Doom is catchiness but I’ll be damned if that isn’t what you get here as Funeralium quite openly throw the doors wide open and let the groove take over at regular intervals on this album and my how it improves what is already a beast like sound.


With desperate and raw vocals that bring to mind your throat being stripped by paint thinner as well as a slow grinding death that is Funeralium’s riff-age, this album just feels epic… and that is a word I am loathe to use as a generality but it has to be used in this case. ‘Deceived Idealism’ has a grand feel to it, a massive cathedral of depressive moods with an atmosphere of sickness and depression that masks it all from the world beyond. Yet despite the intense bombardment of brutality and negativity Funeralium are capable of supreme flashes of melodic and ambient enlightenment, if only to act as an interlude from the sheer oppression of their more usual blackened onslaught.


This is a savage album but also one of great beauty and complexity. Funeral Doom at it’s best from a band who have obviously spent the last six years getting everything just right! [9/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]