I recently had the opportunity to review the last three ARMATH SARGON releases and was very impressed with what I heard. Now this Finnish one man Black Metal project has returned with his new studio opus ‘Under The Moon And The Sun’ which is to sport a sound closer to that of his ‘Reflections From Eternity’ album. Opening with a melodic passage that winds its way gracefully into the album before the cold harsh Black Metal licks its way into your attention, Armath Sargon is back with a vengeance and sounding as good as ever. Back is the undertone of subtle flute and folk influences, to the fore front is the bleak riff-age and the grim pained vocals. Gone is the symphonic element of the last two albums as Armath Sargon returns full force to the grinding death that is his usual sound, the ice laden early 90’s Black Metal sound tinged with all manner of undercurrents and themes to add texture to this multifaceted album.


Although the outer limits of ‘Under The Moon And The Sun’ may be filled with fluent harmonic wanderings and fanciful sounds the core of his music is a solid bulk of Black Metal fury. Yet the mixture of the two combine so effectively that the end result is a varied and organic mesh of the darkness and the light, harking back to his earlier work of which I am a particular fan! With enough old school presence and just the right amount of ambient qualities, ‘Under The Moon And The Sky’ is Armath Sargon back to his best and playing the sound he is most adept at! [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]