It has been 5 years since the last Neurosis album, Given to the Rising which was unquestionably one of the best albums of the previous decade. Now they return with Honor Found In Decay and once again they do not disappoint.


The first thing that one notices in Honor Found In Decay, is that it does not have the aggression or the same nerve as Given to the Rising, that sounded a bit closer to their 90s releases, mainly Through Silver In Blood and Times Of Grace (without reaching the same levels of extremity though). This time the band focuses more on their emotional side. The album is in general closer to A Sun That Never Sets, with much more psychedelic elements and genius use of effects.


This album has everything that has made the band loved by their fans. From the opening song with its rockier vibe to more doom and sludge moments, Honor Found In Decay has got everything you adored about Neurosis. The heavy use of effects is also present here, to enrich the sound in the record as a whole, coloring the structures of the songs and lifting the performance of the band to a whole different level.


Of course Neurosis also grant a few aggressive explosions like the ending part of “At The Well” with its almost industrial like repetition feels like a hammer smashing your forehead while Kelly and Von Till scream and whisper in your ears, hypnotizing you with their voices. But they do not stop there, they reach astonishing levels of sound manipulation, “Bleeding The Pigs” is a demonstration of that, with the whole song being mainly structured by synthesizers and noises (guitars and drums are also present of course, but to me it sounds like the synths and effects are driving the song). Then they offer us songs such as “Casting of the Ages”, probably the biggest, epic sounding track of the album with the double vocals through out the whole song creating a huge wall of sounds/noises/drones (hard to actually explain, it just sounds impressive and colossal).


On the other hand Honor Found In Decay also has its mellower side, with “All Is Found… In Time” (the middle part with the effects is monumental), and especially “My Heart for Deliverance”, which is the most emotional song of the album. Finally the opening and closing track (“We All Rage In Gold” and “Raise the Dawn”) are probably the most easily accessible songs of the albums, that of course does not mean that they are of lesser quality, the opening track being perfect for its purpose with its rockier sound, and “Raise the Dawn”, with a mesmerizing quality to it, is the perfect ending for a perfect album.


Everything about this album is top quality, Graham’s (visual artist and member of Neurosis until recently) artwork is very interesting and instantly captures your attention and Albini’s(engineer of the band since Times of Grace) work is once again flawless, complimenting the bands sound in the right way.


I can probably keep praising the album for quite a while, but I just want to listen to it again therefore… [10/10 – SPYROS STASIS]