I was first introduced to CELTACHOR at this years Warhorn’s festival in York and they just blew me away! I get the impression that the band like to distance themselves from their past work, in particular their last demo release entitled ‘In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers’ due to it’s production values, but to my ears the demo simply opened up a world in which Celtachor were kings! (And Queen in the case of drummer Anais Chareyre) Imagine my excitement then when these Irish Celtic Folk and Black Metal lords returned with their debut full length album, self released and going by the name of ‘Nine Waves From The Shore’, coming complete with battle scene artwork with the ever watchful God hiding from behind a hillside. Artistically it’s intriguing but I’m dying to delve in and hear what Celtachor have come up with!


Starting in a fast hard hitting fashion, a battle scene is described, a tale of revenge and blood lust all portrayed in opening track ‘The Landing of Amergin’. Sporting a rough vocal style and raging beast like guitar riffs, all backed superbly with blistering drumming and sturdy bass play, Celtachor introduce the first real instance of melody with the flute, softly woven into the fabric of the track so that it acts as a kind of wandering traveler,  constantly on the move as the music ebbs and flows. Breaking the flow of the onslaught is brief beautiful interludes, again awash with a calming flute sound. This contrast of darkness and light, beauty and beast is reflected through Celtachor’s work and adds a superb dynamic that you just won’t get tired of hearing!  At times the music is just superbly heavy and vibrates off every wall as it grinds forwards, yet at others the audio samples of crashing waves, the light hearted flute harmonies and the melodic interludes leave you breathless as the diversity and creativity that has gone into making ‘Nine Waves From The Shore’ washes over you in wave after wave of superb talent drenched Folk Metal euphoria, battle cries, clashing swords and the constant feel of being transported back in time to a much more forth right simpler age! Well done Celtachor, you have excelled yourselves! [9/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]