‘Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone’

By Joel McIver

Omnibus Press

Reviewed by Steve Earles






It is not for nothing that I have christened Joel McIver the James Brown of metal-book-writing, for he is indeed the hardest working man in show-business. I suspect Joel lives in an alternative Earth wherein the days are 48 hours long, and every week is a fortnight!


Now, I loath nu-metal, and originally lumped Slipknot into this category, it was actually partially because Joel likes them, that I’ve reversed my opinion. Now I find them to be an incendiary and interesting band, one that actually has something to say, particularly Corey Taylor, now an author himself and quite in demand on the spoken word circuit, I can’t see Fred Durst doing that!


One of Joel’s strengths as an author is his passion for the subject and that comes across well here, aside from the music, I found the human story fascinating, particularly how well Joel handles writing about the sad death of Slipknot’s bassist Paul Grey. Omnibus too, have played their part well, and the book is well laid out with some fine photos (with Slipknot having one of the most instantly recognisable images since Kiss, it would be a shame not to showcase this to the greatest extent possible). A rare music book, one that could be read by someone not familiar with the band in question




‘Unleashed: The Story of Tool’

By Joel McIver

Reviewed by Steve Earles



A feat that Joel repeats with his book on Tool. Not a band I’m greatly familiar with, but such is the strength of Joel’s writing and research that I will certainly rectify that in the future. As with his Slipknot book, highly recommended.