‘Machine Head: Inside the Machine’

By Joel McIver

Published by Omnibus Press

Reviewed by Steve Earles






Machine Head are one of two bands (the other is Mastodon), who are capable of ascending the peak of the metal hierarchy. The Old Guard is metal bands is getting ever older, and sadly few bands have risen to take their place. With the advent of illegal downloading, it no longer pays bands to put time, money, and effort into albums, in the long term I can see this having a terrible effect on the metal scene. How can bands continue to make music if they can’t pay their living expenses!


So, kudos are due to Machine Head, who’ve produced so much genre-defining music. While I was always aware of how good Machine Head are, having bought their music and seen them live, it wasn’t until Joel’s timely book that I realised the struggles the band have endured. It has made me appreciate the band more than ever. Joel has expertly researched his subject and interviewed band members past and present.


A fine book, from one of the hardest working journalists out there, and one with a great deal of courage and integrity.