Neldöreth are a death metal band from Pennsylvania, US. Apparently originally starting out as a black metal band this is no surprise as the lyrical theme is centred solely on Satanism and Anti Christian subjects.

EP opener and title track bursts in with hardcore/death metal stylings. Some fairly decent riffing which sounds like a hardcore version of Deicide. Then the vocals come in and sadly ruin all the aggression. Presumably the vocal style is deliberate, but essentially it sounds more like a hardcore vocalist than a death metal one, and in this case I don’t think it works in the slightest.

As the EP progresses, there’s plenty of decent riffs but I just can’t get past the vocals enough to enjoy it. It doesn’t help that the lyrics are so blatantly satanic and when performed in this style it’s hard to take it seriously. I suppose perhaps there’s a gap in the market for satanic hardcore death metal but for me it just doesn’t work at all. When you hear Deicide, despite having the same ludicrous lyrics, you get the feeling that Glen Benton really means it, and there’s conviction in his voice.

You know that situation where you are speaking to someone with absolutely no knowledge of extreme metal and you are trying to describe what it sounds like and you know they haven’t got the slightest idea? Well Neldöreth pretty much sum up what I imagine those people to think of. It’s a shame as there’s some genuinely decent riffs on offer here, which at times also reek of Obituary, but the whole sound is just a bit dull.

At the end of the EP there’s a couple of Venom and Death covers which take no new direction on the originals and have little point, other than of course to pay homage to those great acts, fair play, there’s no harm there.

I’m sorry that this review comes across as a bit harsh, and I’ve tried to be as objective as I can, but after nearly four listens through it is just not clicking at all. [4/10 – JOHN DOE!]