With a new album imminent from Bosnian Death Metal band AFTER OBLIVION, I caught up with Adnan Hatic to discuss all things about the band, the Bosnian scene and the future.





Many thanks for taking the time to discuss a few things with me. First off I notice that before the birth of AFTER OBLIVION the band actually spent seven years under the name of PATH BEYOND SERENITY. A path beyond serenity sounds idyllic and peaceful so a change to After Oblivion seems suggest a massive change in attitude. Can you explain the reasons behind the change?


– Hi Luke. Thanks for the interest in our band. Well, if you ask me, Path Beyond Serenity sounds pretty obscure. It stood for the overall situation in the region at that time, where we were kind of left aside of anything that can flourish and progress. :) We had two releases with that project but for the most of the time it was quite inactive. I had few ideas and I felt that there is a need for a change, and that is how After Oblivion is born. It has a few similarities with Path Beyond Serenity, but in many aspects it is a completely new band.



Despite the original name and the image it conjures your lyrical output on the “Forgotten” Ep was a message of hate and suffering. So my question is was there always meant to be a sense of irony to the band in those early days?


– I never plan the lyrics in advance. I do have some skeletons of the songs, random words that sound nice with the guitars, but most of the final words are done minutes before recording. I think that way anything written is more sincere. So, if you felt irony, hate, anger, it was never intentional, it just happened. :)



You hail from a country not known for its rich Metal history and heritage. How did you all get into Metal and what bands influenced you in the beginning?


– Well, people play metal here for 30 years. :) We do have quite a rich metal history when it comes to number of bands and fans, but unfortunately there were no major releases. Just in my town, even during the war there were 5-6 active metal bands. I got into it when I was about 11-12 years old. My neighbor was in the band and they had rehearsal room in the basement of our apartment building. I just loved to go there and watch them playing.



How would you describe the Metal scene in Bosnia & Herzegovina back then, and how does it compare to today’s scene? Are there many impressive bands on the go?


– As I said, there are tons of great bands in our small country. Some amazingly world class talented musicians. Unfortunatelly, Bosnia is a hard place to live, so many quit the bands in order to get the jobs or use their talent to play something more commercial. People here were always passionate for what is now called old school metal and not many are accepting these new trends. I can give you a few names to check: Toxicdeath, great death metal band from my hometown Tuzla. Agonize, melodic death metal and another band that I play in. Silent Kingdom, really unique folk black metal, Necrophilisma, Forensic Clinic, Festival of Mutilation, technical brutal death metal band where Marko and Jasenko (also in After Oblivion) play. Emir Hot, a world class guitar player… or just go to where you can discover many bands from our country.



You are just about to release your debut album five years on from After Oblivion’s debut demo, how did you find the writing and recording process for your first full length opus?


– All these songs are pretty old now, and even though we almost have enough songs for a new album, we wanted to have this old stuff properly released. We have our own small studio and we’ve done almost everything there. It took the time but I think that the end result is quite good :)



What bands would you say are influencing the band in 2012?


– It is not a secret that our major influence is Death. :) We do listen to different stuff and love to hear some new interesting bands, but I personally, after a few days of research, always go back to some older stuff, being that Gorguts, Pestilence, Death, King Diamond or Skid Row. :) At the end of a day, you can learn from anyone, and anyone and anything can be a good source of inspiration.



How did the deal with Metal on Metal Records come about? Did you have much label interest elsewhere?


– We released the Vultures EP in 2011 and started promoting the release in hope that we will get a label deal. That went pretty well and overall reactions from all sides, press, fans and labels were more than we expected. We got a quite few offers from different labels, but at the end decided to go with Metal on Metal Records. I quite like they way they work and the fact that they are doing it with a passion. I am sure this will be a great cooperation. :)



Do you have any funny stories from shows you have played that you can tell us about?


– Broken strings, drunk bass players, my pants go down in the middle of the show. Well, every gig have its moments, and we enjoy each of them. :)



Finally, what are the next steps for the band?


– After our debut album “Stamina” is out we will do our best to spread the word about it as much as we can. We also have few shows coming up. Also, we are planing to record a new music video and if there is quality time, two new songs by the end of the year. After that we will focus more on a new album…



Cheers for your time!


– Thanks for helping us spread the word about After Oblivion.

All the best


Adnan & After Oblivion