It has been five very long and wintery years since German Funeral Doom cult WORSHIP graced the world with their last/debut studio album “Dooom”, yet the balance is about to be redressed with the bands sophomore full length opus out on 28th October called “Terranean Wake”. Initially the band stuck to tape and vinyl releases but split up due to the tragic death of drummer and vocalist Fucked Up Mad-Max! In 2004 though Worship decided to reform and the rest as they say is history, but never forgotten and they play on in the mans honour!R.I.P Mad Max! Oh and to set the tone for this years album, just to wet the appetite of all of you Doom lovers out there… how about this for a statistic, one snare per seven or more seconds! Enjoy a slow drawn out ride…


Eerie, dramatic and so slow a none Doom lover would rip out their own eye balls due to the traumatic progression of Worship’s music, “Terranean Wake” has superb production and is made by a band who waits for nobody, but is quite content to make everybody else wait for them! Ferocious growled vocals spew forth darkness from the great black void within, and as with the albums artwork, everything is turned to rubble and destruction as the band cruise venomously along their bleak path! Interestingly enough if I have read the booklet correctly, Worship’s lyrics flutter between various languages (English, French and German) a touch I’ve not come across all too often in my time but one that adds great depth to their music as well as drawing yet more people into the nocturnal moods that they create!


Deeply sinister, bone crushingly heavy and and with the twisted savage heart of a serial killer, Worship have created an album of intense atmospheres, malicious intentions and good old fashioned evil sound! “Terranean Wake” demonstrates a band with a firm grasp on their style and how to produce great sounding Funeral Doom as well as structuring their music in a way as to keep it varied and entertaining, a hard feat to achieve from a band who play at a snails pace! Fucked Up Mad Max would be proud of the legacy the band continue to weave, and the band continue Germany’s success when it comes to deeply depressive Funeral Doom! [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]