Formally known as Aluna, (No massive change then) Midlands, UK based female fronted Stoner Doom Metal quartet ALUNAH have unleashed their brand new opus “White Hoarhound”, the follow up to 2010’s debut studio album “Call of Avernus”. Hailing from the birth place of heavy fuzzed up Doom, Alunah seem like the perfect band to take British Stoner Doom forward beyond 2012.


Starting in a slow and calculating fashion, Alunah soon unleash a stream of groove laden beats and melodies to seriously tickle your inner Doomster! Content to amble along at their own down tuned pace, Alunah are seemingly in no rush to up the tempo and their harmonies and riff-age are a joy to listen too, yet when the mood takes them and a little more speed and groove is added to the mix, they become a full on catchy  Stoner Doom beast, all topped off nicely with haunting clean female vocals.


What I found whilst listening to “White Hoarhound” is that Alunah don’t exactly take the bull by the horns and grab a hold of your attention the way some bands do. this is a shame but not so much of a problem as the album has a more flowing quality, and as your listening too it you’ll finding yourself sliding deep into a comfortable state of relaxation as the bands music washes over you in waves of groove drenched melodies. Every element of Alunah plays his or her part to the letter and as a result the band appears tight, but on top of that they create nice songs with excellent song structure and never does their out put wander into the realms of boredom.


Some Doom is there to rock your world, to come at you with massive crushing riffs and static fueled fuzz. Alunah though are different. i find their approach to be that of pure entertainers whose sole purpose is to make great sounding songs and be damned if they are not as heavy as some other bands of the same genre. By sticking to what they wish to achieve they have created an album that sounds superb and that should adorn any Doomsters collection! “White Hoarhound” will transport you into the collective psyche of one of the UK’s best Stoner Doom components and leave you floating weightlessly in a sea of good vibes and killer melodies! [8/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]