If this was an ideal world I would have information on tap regarding every single band I write about, yet this German outfit whilst exactly an enigma to me are a little sparse on the information front. That being said sometimes a little mystery can add to a bands credentials and when paired with impressive or striking artwork, such as in the case of “Home In Decay”, the overall package becomes rather alluring. “Home In Decay’s” imagery shows exactly as the name suggests, but on a more cerebral level it could also be a hint towards activities within the homestead, broken families, turmoil and the break down of a person(s) life or emotional stability! I’m not clued up enough to give answers on the subject but it’s within my nature to speculate and maybe at times read too much into things, either way i feel there is more going on with this new AJANA release than first meets the eye!


Instantly noticeable is the heavily German accented vocals. Female vocalists in the opinion of this humble writer are often made for Doom Metal, adding a more haunting presence than some male counterparts are unable to replicate, and in a more Germanic accent this effect is trebled! Of course said vocals still need to be well executed and happily in the case of Ajana’s vocalist Luise they are!


For a complete picture of Ajana’s sound try to imagine a subtle blend of intricate riffs, haunting melodies, precise flowing music that has been created over time with much care and attention, yet can still bite down hard when the opportunity arises! Never really a band to stagnate by churning out the same song repeatedly, Ajana utilize pace changes and melodic interludes to keep their music varied and interesting to listen too, and whilst they choose to remain on the more atmospheric side of the Doom Metal spectrum, they still know how to get loud and pack a punch every now and then also. “Home In Decay” is an album of beauty, a dark brooding beauty maybe, but beauty is within the realm of the listener and for me Ajanas various harmonies and wonderful vocal styles are extremely beautiful! [7.5/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]