I am very excited by the prospect of reviewing the new opus from Welsh Heavy Metal rising stars TRIAXIS! Every once in a while you hear an up and coming band, a band working their way through the ranks who you know will be huge one day. That band is Triaxis, with out a doubt a band who have a massive future ahead of them. Already this year Triaxis have played Bloodstock Open Air (For the second time I might add) and have already lined up a couple of European festivals for next year as well as an appearance at Hammerfest! “Rage & Retribution” is the bands sophomore full length album release from this Welsh five piece and their progressive sounding brand of female fronted Heavy Metal is winning them fans left right and center.


Opening with the highly energetic and tantalizingly powerful “Sand & Silver”, Triaxis stun their audience into captivity with dynamic vocals from front woman Krissie Kirby as well as epic sounding riff-age and solos from guitar wielding temptress CJ Hale and fellow guitar slaying mad man Glyn Williams. On top of that drumming is absolutely spot on and some of the bass work from Owen Crawford is extremely pronounced and wonderfully executed. Triaxis then are without a doubt a band who are tight knit, personally and musically and the results are staggering. With a chorus that will have you singing “You Reap What You Sow” at the top of your lungs is ” Black Trinity”, a shout out in every way to Iron Maiden, from the catchy chorus line to the immense guitar solos, whilst “The Infected” is a catchy yet sledge-hammer like blow to the system with its direct and in your face attitude, despite packing more superb and beautiful sung vocal harmonies! With its massive crowd pleasing fist pumping break downs, “The Infected” will be amazing in a live setting!


From the sublimely hard hitting tot he delicate and intricate sounding “Asunder”, Triaxis take things all the way down to an acoustic somber level for the beginnings of this track before let the mournful chords creep in and the melodies roam freely until the chorus which once again shows Triaxis at their elegant yet powerful best! Flowing a little more quickly the catchy vibe continues with “And Shadows Creep” which lets the vast atmospheres that Triaxis create soar on high and the enigmatic guitar solos are once again unleashed to dance and meander where ever they wish before leading acoustically and triumphantly into eerie connotations and then solo-esque dominance that once again graces the bands sound during “XGP” before the really heavy stuff once again blasts home hard!



Onto “Under Blood Red Skies” then and the surging riffs just keep flowing with amazing regularity. More breath taking solos, more catchy and easy to pick up lyrics and chorus lines that will leave you all singing along within seconds whilst “Sker Point” once again breaks down the pace as Triaxis unleash more methodical dominance before once again picking up the pace for yet more ear bashing heaviness mixed with beautiful crafted melodies! Some of the harmonies created by the two guitarists are simply staggering, awe inspiring in their complexity and devastating in their execution. As “Sker Point” fades out acoustically and with the lapping of the waves on the shoreline, Triaxis once again shatter the fragile illusion of calm and serenity with the pummeling riff-age of “Reunion”, another thunderbolt like track of big guitar work, adrenaline fueled drumming and more dangerously addictive vocal work!


Sadly “Rage & Retribution” has to come to an end as the penultimate track “The Butcher” is a sorrowful reminder that the end is sadly nearly upon us. (Thank Thor for re-spins) Thankfully there is no winding down in store for you here and chunky riffs greet your ears and the now famous Triaxis fully flowing power sound comes through to the fore again! To finish of proceedings is “Some Things Are Worth Dying For”, they certainly are! Acoustic, somber and deeply melodic, this is the perfect goodbye for what has been a perfect album, but wait there are more high octane riffs and tunes to be had as the track explodes into a flurry of noise and blistering drumming. So what can I say about “Rage & Retribution” other than to score it a nine and a half out of ten? Well I could say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this album and I’ve loved it from the moment I pressed play. So good is it that you’ll suffer from a form of post-Triaxis blues upon the albums completion. So as there is nothing wrong with the album I guess it’s a… [10/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]





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