So many Death Metal bands go down the same route, the same tired old riffs, focusing on sounding old school and murky, and at the end of the day whilst they succeed in what they set out to accomplish, they also end up sounding just like each other, boring, tired and redundant. That is what really irks me about the current Death Metal scene. With all of that being said it is a real breath of fresh air when a band like AGHAST comes along, and being as proud as I am of the UK scene, it feels ever better knowing that they are indeed home grown talent! Their latest release is a three track EP entitled “Live Dangerously” and sporting superbly cliched and humourous artwork and a style and sound  that pushes boundaries and spreads the bands horizons, live dangerously they do!


Opening with the extremely fast and aggressive “Look Alive”, Aghast blast their way through a brief three minutes of high octane catchy Death Metal but the band are merely laying in wait, biding their time to unleash the full force of their fire power and potential in second track “We Fear Silence” and boy do they ever! This track is a one hundred per cent thundering demonstration on how to create and execute brutal music in a catchy and bombast like manner. The machine gun like double kick drumming, the impressive and tightly played riff-age and the violently aggressive vocal work all combines to produce a song of almost apocalyptic proportions! Lyrics are easy to pick up and sing loudly, and the sheer volatile force and the wall of hostility that the band give off is simply overwhelming! The finale comes in the guise of “Drop Dead Famous”, a song that takes a step back occasionally in speed but not in quality or brutality!


Aghast are a ray of cancer filled sunlight burning into your flesh, a true gem of the UK scene and with many more great things ahead of them if this three track EP is anything to go by! [9/10 – LUKE HAYHURST]