Earlier this year Swedish Epic Viking Doom Metal band EREB ALTOR Released their third album “Gastrike”. Following on from this I got the chance to throw some questions their way and here is what they had to say…


1. What made you decide to play Viking/Doom Metal? Did it just occur naturally

during practice?


The first time I heard “Shores in Flames” by Bathory something happened within me. I could almost feel the waves rocking the old Viking ship while listening to this song and I knew this was something that would affect my musical taste forever.


2. What was your inspiration behind “Gastrike”?


Books dealing with old myths, legends and ghost stories from the area I come from.


3. Was the writing/creative process particularly hard for this album?


No, it’s probably the easiest effort so far, I had the stories in my head which I wanted to reflect and it was like a relief writing harsher and faster music for once.


4. After the first two albums, is it difficult coming up with fresh song ideas?


Not at all, actually I still have an epic album almost written which I had to skip because inspiration thrived of doing the Gastrike concept, I really wanted to do this album before, I needed to…


5. Do you feel like a part of the Swedish Metal scene or do you keep to yourselves?


Well, I know some bands but I guess we mostly keep us to ourselves I guess, it’s a bit like the Scandinavian way. When it comes to the actual sound of the music we are as Swedish you can get in my opinion.


6. Also what are your thoughts on the current scene in Sweden and abroad?


I really like the Scandinavian bands in the music scene but when it comes to the actual live shows I prefer to gig in other countries where the music scene is bigger. All Swedish bands go abroad for live shows because there is no scene in Sweden except for the festivals and the really big arena shows with bands like Iron Maiden or Metallica for instance.


7. Which bands would you say directly influence you?


Bathory, Iron Maiden and Traditional Scandinavian folk music.


8. Do you take much interest in global events and political affairs and if so what

are your views on the state of the world right now, with the tensions in Syria

currently the hot topic?


Not really…

The world is beginning to fall apart and we’re doing this to ourselves. It’s probably our nature.


9. Describe your homeland and how it makes yo feel?


I think Sweden is a beautiful country with the big forests and lakes and the fact that there is not so big population compared to the rather big area. It usually feels kind of over-crowded when I visit foreign countries. I also think we have an interesting history and of course the Norse mythology. I feel free and in peace of mind here in Sweden.


10. Strangest/weirdest/funniest thing to happen on stage?


Probably when I fall off a stage in Holland, the stage was built by barrels and they weren’t that stable so the stage just disappeared under my feet. I didn’t quit playing the guitar when I fell though.


11. What does the future hold for Ereb Altor?


We are aiming to tour Europe and hopefully some festivals. And I’m looking at the epic album I had in my head to see if this is something that could be re-worked to fit the future of the Ereb Altor sound.


Many thanks there to the band, “Gastrike” is out now!