Le Son Des Stigmates



Funeral Doom Metal | Toulouse, France

Released via Daemon Worship Productions on 20.04.2012

Seven years, two demo releases and an EP have lead to this, the debut full length release from French Funeral Doom Metallers SEKTARISM, and whilst “Le Son Des Stigmates” is only three tracks long it still weighs in at a heavy forty five minutes! Kicking things off with a hostile noise ridden “Prelude”, Sektarism fuse a fuzz laden guitar sound with rhythmic chanting and drum beats to produce a sound that comes across as ritualistic and sinister. The production values are not all that high, and the vocals sound a little off kilter, although this is such a strange start to an album that this trait could be entirely intended, but one thing is for sure, this fuzz strewn noise wall is a serious test on your senses.


Testing would a good word to describe what this French quartet have dreamed up, a cerebral challenge maybe? Certainly after a while it grates on your senses with full force. personally I just don’t think it sounds all that good, a slow meandering album with little direction, intent darkness and mired in Satanism and occultism and certainly achieving those ends but with little thought as to how it should all be constructed. Still as always this is a matter of personal taste and some may find this entertaining. For me though it is a basic release of Funeral Doom Metal, a genre that has been done better by other bands many times over. [2/10 – Luke Hayhurst]