Folk Metal | Rionegro, Columbia

Self Released in 2012

Hailing from the far flung reaches of Rionegro in Columbia comes Folk Metal six piece by the unpronounceable name of MUYZKKUBUN. Their new promo release doesn’t take up that much time so don’t expect an essay from me, but does feature simplistic but striking artwork, perfectly suited for a Folk Metal project.Despite what I said about the artwork, Muyzkkubun are not a band of simple methods, featuring six members playing many instruments including a flute, and before I have even pressed play I am excited about the concept of a South American Folk Metal band.


Instantly it becomes apparent that Muyzkkubun are far more aggressive than your average Folk Metal band. Featuring a standard of production far in excess of what I expected (It goes to show you shouldn’t assume things before sampling the goods) the band play a with a fast and frantic energy and lace their darkened Folk Metal riff-age with a flute and chime undertone. Vocally Muyzkkubun are closely related to Black Metal, a sinister growling style roars from vocalist Yari Ruiz in a truly bleak and venomous manner.


Yet despite the unadulterated heaviness and the Black Metal tendencies, it is not hard to hear the flute based Folk Metal influence throughout. The band use break downs in style and pace effectively, and always strive to keep their output balanced and varied for deeper impact and its an aim they pull off at all times. On the basis of this promo release we should expect more good things from Columbia in the not too distant future. [7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]