2012 has been an amazing year so far for Manchester Progressive & Technical Death Metal quartet ALLERJEN, a new album by the name of “Equilibrium” that brought them back from a two year hiatus, and then the big one, an appearance at this years Download Festival. Times are good in the Aller-camp and here is what vocalist/bassist John Dower and guitarist Paul Wilkinson had to say…


1. Allerjen were out of the limelight for almost two years, what have you all been up too?

John – Basically, we were toying with the idea of the whole line-up change, then when we’d made the decision, there was obviously time needed to train up Audie.

Wilko – Training an infinite number of monkeys to write our new album on an infinite number of typewriters.

2. How did the decision to include a second guitarist come about?

John – Though it was hard to see at the time, it was either evolve or die! After several personal hardships it was looking like the end of the road, Audie’s arrival has certainly given us a future and most importantly levelled up the hair stakes in the band!

Wilko – After seeking council from the lord high elf, Dinendal Carnesir.

3. How has Audie settled into the band?

John – Great, it’s a huge advantage knowing someone for so long. Though of course, there’s a massive difference in knowing someone then working with them, as it were.

Wilko – The beatings were fairly regular but thankfully all semblances of resistance were expunged.

4. Was the writing process for the new album difficult after your time off?

John – Not really, it actually helped more! Whilst training Aud we also started writing “Equilibrium”, it had huge advantages in that we had an extra influence and thought process in the room.

Wilko – We never stopped, our time away was spent writing and regrouping.

5. Why the name ‘Equilibrium’?

John – Loosely, it’s the band has found its balance. As mentioned earlier, it does feel like there’s longevity again and when can plan ahead to the future once more. It’s a good feeling.

Wilko – It was my mother’s maiden name.

6. You have just played the Download Festival in front of nearly 2000 people, how did that come about and how did it go?

John – We were lucky enough to be invited to play. It was incredible; it’s taken a LONG time for us to play a show that could beat my all-time favourite, Damnation 05! Being given the chance and taking it with both hands was a highlight of the band’s history!

Wilko – It was amazing to be invited to play and on the whole a pretty surreal experience, it was a privilege to play in front of 2000 of the sexiest people I’ve ever made musical love at!

7. What are your feelings towards your new album?

John – Personally, I love it! I’m so proud we could achieve something so special and different; it’s night and day in comparison to “No Guts, No Glory”. A new Aller-era is rising in the North!

Wilko – Like how an ageing farmer regards his loyal sheep dog, with a longing that society could neither accept nor understand.

8. What is next for Allerjen?

John – What we always have done, work hard, keep writing, keep trying to play as many shows as we can and generally do the best we can.

Wilko – Business as usual, continue handing people their arse until their pools of salty tears sprout mighty oaks where the children of the forest frolic, laugh and learn to love again.

9. Having been previously given a difficult time with your former label, how are things with Brutal Elite?

John – Yes, just to clarify, our previous label – Psychophonic Records (which “No Guts” is released on) are awesome people! It’s the one before that, but I won’t say anymore….. The Brutal Elite team are great, understanding and most importantly supportive of Allerjen! Also, recognising we ARE different and doing something different.

Wilko – Brutal Elite are supportive, enthusiastic and passionate about pushing the band. Their commitment and drive is very, very rare!

10. Finally, what is the strangest thing you’ve seen on stage?

John – I won’t say who the band were but they were a “metal” band who can only be described as Marilyn Manson frontman with Backstreet Boys backing, haha!

Wilko – Crusty punk doing the worm!


Allerjen’s new album “Equilibrium” is out now and you can buy it HERE!