Death Metal/Death Doom Metal | Chicago, USA

Released via Hell’s Headbanger Records originally in 1992

It has been decided that the debut full length release from American Death/Doomsters previously released back in 1992 is to be re-released to mark the 20th anniversary of it’s initial release, and this time around features a whole host of demo tracks along with the original eight tracks that make up the album. So with old school art work in tow, “The Dying Truth” has returned for another round of death, destruction and out right domination.


Thank fuck for the early 90’s, that fuzz laden old school Death Metal sound, the muffled audio qualities that made many a Death Metal album so special and interesting is being well and truly re-lived here with “The Dying Truth”, a methodical down tuned Death Metal slab of hatred, death and destructive tendencies, incomprehensible lyrics and a sound so sinister it lives in under your bed and comes out at night to shit you up! Cianide were never content to be a straight up run of the mill Death Metal band, so they fused their sound with a touch a Doom Metal and the results were staggering, low beat slow and oppressive, Cianide have a cavernous sound that pisses on so many standard Death Metal bands on the scene.


It may not be the tightest album you’ll ever hear from a musicianship stand point, but Cianide always made up for these little quirks with a dominating style of foreboding and imposing Doom tinged Death Metal, and “The Dying Truth” was the perfect way to launch such an evil sounding career. Not only that but twenty years later and it still sounds amazing, exciting and a little dangerous! [8/10 – Luke Hayhurst]